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Mixed Indian Dips

2 popadoms, spiced onions, mango chutney £3

Houmous with pitta bread

There are as many types of houmous as there are homes where it is made! Pureed chick peas, sesame seed paste balanced with garlic, sharpened with lemon juice and unified with olive oil. This recipe has been handed down the generations

Chicken Tikka

Marinated tandoori chicken tikka £4

Sheikh kebab

Minced lamb is marinated with lime coriander and cumin, them grilled £4


You will find pakora on every street corner, every home in the Punjab.

It defines the Punjab. And now it has come to define Glasgow! Gram flour fritters, spiced and

brought to life with any number of different fillings. The choice is yours…

Seasonal Vegetable Pakora £3

Chicken Breast Pakora £4

Fish Pakora £4


Like Persia, the Punjab does breads by the basket. Poori is one of the favourites.

Deep fried and crispy, comforting and delicious.


Perhaps the most famous poori dish, often served as a breakfast dish.

Spicy and sweet chickpea curry nestled into the perfect poori £3

Chicken poori £4

Prawn Poori

A more decadent dish, the sweet spice of the curried prawns £4.50


Traditional Indian Dishes


This is one of our absolute favourites. Unlike most other North Indian curries the meat is added earlier on in the process. This means the sauce can remain thick and unctious, packed full of ginger, garlic and fresh tomato flavour.


“Do“ is the Punjabi word for two, ”Piaza“ is the word for onions.

Two Onions. That’s what defines this dish.

Slow cooked onions form the base of this masala invigorated

with the flavours of fresh cardamum, clove and black pepper.


The Punjab is home to all the best vegetables in India. Drive through any town or village and the spinach stretched skyward. It’s a staple of my family. Here we combine it with a luscious masala and let the spinach do all the talking….


The Punjabis like nothing more than a party. This dish is a party on a plate. Peppers, Onions, Ginger, Garlic and plenty of green chillis take the party from the plate right into your mouth.


Ceylonese food is defined by spice and coconut. This curry balances the creamy coconut flavour with ground and whole spices and a dash of lemon juice.

Combine your traditional Indian dish with a choice of:

Mixed Vegetable £5

ChickenTikka £5.50

Lamb £6.50


A delicious combination of rice and either meat or mixed vegetables,

King Prawns Biryani £10

Lamb Biryani  £9

Chicken Tikka Biryani £8

Vegetable Biryani £7

Koolbitesa Indian Specialities

King Prawn Spicy Masala

Jaipur, the land of pink palaces and lakes gives us this complex dish. Green paper mushrooms, garlic and dried red Chillies combine with the sweet King Prawns to create something very special.


Kerelan Garlic Chilli King Prawns

Prawns are the staple dish of the South Indian seaside town of Mangalore. Rich in garlic, suffused with spice and gorgeously chilli, this is a must for those that pursue authenticity £8.50

Lamb Karahi

A Karahi is a steel cooking utensil, similar to a wok. This is a more robust dish, a potent masala bursting with spice and flavor and plenty of green chillies! £7

Kerelan Garlic Chili Chicken Tikka

A South Indian specialty from the coastal towns of Kerala. This is the garlic and chili lovers dream come true. Typically of South Indian food, this is a lighter, more nuanced dish but with all the flavor £7

Chicken Tikka Chasni

The Chasni is a stalwart of the West of Scotland, not known much beyond. It comes from the Indian obsession with Chinese food. This Chasni is sweet and sour, delicate and creamy. A great dish for those who are looking for an alternative to Korma £7

Chicken Tikka Jaipuri

A potent fusion of peppers, onions, garlic, ginger and mushrooms with a touch of tangy sweet ‘n’ sour simmered in exotic jaipuri spices £7

Chicken Tikka Jalfrezi

Freshly Jalfrezi is a typical punjabi dish cooked with capsicum, onions and a touch of cream £7

Nantara Chicken Tikka and King Prawns

Nantara cuisine is one of the most ancient in India. From the palaces and gardens of Mysore, this dish combines King Prawns and Chicken Tikka with a special Nantara sauce, finished with fresh chilli and coriander £8

Butter Chicken Tikka

From the heart of old Delhi, a deliciously rich butter masala with bite size pieces of chicken tikka £7

Lamb Rogan Josh

Inspired by the dried Kashmiri dried chilli tempered with yoghurt, this is a much loved dish accross all of North India. Tomatoes, chillies, coriander and tender lamb. Millions of Indians can’t be wrong! £7

Chicken Dansac

From the heart of Muslim Punjab, this is festival food. Slow cooked chicken and lentils brought together in an effortlessly delicious masala £6

Saag Paneer

Fresh Paneer and spinach are the happiest of bed fellows. This is from the farmlands of the Punjab, full of earthy flavours and the creamy deliciousness of paneer. Almost enough to turn you vegetarian! £6

Chicken Tikka Masala

Invented in Glasgow, loved around the world, there is no dish that characterises better the love affair the Scots have with curry. Tandoori mouthfuls of chicken in a masala bursting with capiscums, ginger, garlic and chilli, tempered with cream. This is what made Scotland Brave! £7


Kebabs Platters

Chicken Tikka £7

Sheikh (Kofta) Kebab  £7

Shish Kebab £8

Mixed Kebab Platter 19


Burgers and Kebabs Wraps

Single Deal(CAN+CHIPS)
Chicken Shawarma Wraps £4.00 £6.00
Falafel Wraps £3.50 £5.50
Chicken Burger £3.50 £5.50
Premium Aberdeen Angus Burger £3.80 £5.80
Premium Aberdeen Angus Cheese Burger £4 £6
Double Premium Aberdeen Angus Burger £5.80 £7.80
Premium Aberdeen Angus Cheese Burger £6 £8
Frankfurter Sausage(Hotdog) £3 £5

Extra topping  £1 (Chesses , Chilies ,Fried Mushroom, Avocado)

Freshly Made Authentic Italian

Pizza 10”

Pepperoni   £4

Vegetarian   £4

Spicy Chicken & mushroom  £4

Spicy Chicken & Sweetcorn  £4

Ham & Pineapple  £4

Ham & Mushroom  £4

Sundry Tomatoes & Black Olive  £4

Tuna & Red Onion £4

Tuna & Sweetcorn £4

Marghertia  £4

Extra topping  £1 (Chesse, Chillie, Sundry tomatoes)

Rice and Bread and Side Dishes…

Basmati Rice £1.50

Mushroom Rice £2.50

Naan Bread £1

Garlic and Corriander Naan £1.50

Keema Naan

Spiced Minced Lamb Enfloded into a Naan £3

Cheese Naan

Cheddar Cheese in a Naan. Genius. £3

Peshwari Naan

The King of Naans emboldened with coconut £3

Chapati £1

Red Spiced Onion £1

Mango Chutney £1

Mixed Raita £1.50

Mixed Pickle £1.50

Poppadum £1

Spicy Chips  £2

Spicy Chips & chesse £3.50


Hot Drinks (Sit In)


Tea  ——————-£1.50
Coffee —————-£1.50
Soup Of The Day ———–£2.50

Takeaway Menu

Hot Drinks Freshly Ground Italian Coffee

Tea TO GO ————–£1.00
Coffee TO Go ———-£1.00
Soup of the Day ——-£2.00